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MMW Financial Services is a One Point Contact Specialist Broker for Self-Employed Clients.

We specialise in complex loans.  We understand self-employed trading as sole trader, company, trading trust, complex group structure. It's complicated - you only have to tell us once.

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MMW Financial Services is a fully accredited Commercial and Consumer Finance Broker. We are Finance Brokers and not mortgage brokers as we can arrange more than just loans secured by mortgage over real estate. We specialise in self-employed clients as it is a challenge for anyone who is self-employed to find one point of contact with a finance professional who can understand how their business work and how their lives and personal goals are tied up to the business. At MMW Financial Services we are able to fit the pieces together and gear it all up to work smoothly so that you don't have to explain to the home loan lender, the commercial banker and the car yard dealer who you are, what you do and how your business works. Tell us once and we will continue to look after you as your business grows and you look to gear up on the success of your hard work. We work with you to add value to your business and your personal assets. 


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